Hollenbeck Homes Create Amazing Homes with Ram Windows and Doors in Houston

Houston, Texas

Hollenbeck Architects is a Houston based architecture firm serving the Greater Houston Area since 1995. Specializing in custom residential architecture, their goal is to create high quality houses that respond to the clients specific wants, needs and tastes. Each space must be appropriate to their setting while at the same time achieving the goal of functionality and sustainability.

This home, built in Bellaire for an active young family, pushes and pulls stucco volumes strategically around a tennis court, swimming pool and outdoor living spaces — creating a modern Spanish colonial home that is a family oasis from the city.

When entering through the glass front door, into the arched gallery, the house reveals it’s modern open spaces organized around a three-story wooden staircase. Past the stairs, the house opens up to a double wide indoor-outdoor living space with Ram window walls and wood ceilings. Stacking above the first floor gallery, a second floor gallery provides easy access to bedrooms.  A balcony facing the backyard at the end of the gallery provides privacy for the main house from a 1,200 sf apartment with separate elevator and stair. Learn More About Hollenbeck Architects


Photography: Ben Hill, Julie Soefer