Green Building

RAM is dedicated to designing and producing energy-efficient window products that utilize sustainable materials and provide long lasting performance. Every day, more and more architects, contractors, owners and investors are specifying environmentally friendly building products and practices. They know that building green impacts more than the environment; it means lower operating costs, greater marketability and increased productivity. RAM windows incorporate several features that are both “Green” and “Sustainable.”

Sustainable VS. Green

All RAM windows are constructed with thermally broken aluminum frames. Aluminum is an abundant resource with 8% of the earth’s crust consisting of aluminum bauxite. This bountiful supply exceeds global demands and because of its recyclable nature, aluminum is the material for the next century. Additionally, 94% of the world’s supply of bauxite is mined in non-forested regions, minimizing global environmental impact. Wood windows, which are prevalent in luxury homes, are commonly touted as “green” products. Although wood is technically green, don’t be misled – wood is only sustainable if harvested in compliance with a sustainable forest plan.

Recycled Content

RAM windows extensively incorporate recycled materials. Our glass contains 20% or more recycled content. Our aluminum extrusions contain an average of 70% recycled content, of which approximately 30% is post-consumer. Our hardware contains approximately 10% recycled content. The incorporation of recycled aluminum and glass uses significantly less energy than manufacturing from virgin materials, and also substantially reduces the production of carbon dioxide.

Remnants Recycled

Window fabrication produces waste destined for landfills. However, as part of our waste minimization strategy, 100% of our aluminum remnants are collected and melted down to make new aluminum products. This saves energy because aluminum production from scrap uses 95% less energy and limits the waste stream.

Lasts Longer

All windows must eventually be replaced BUT aluminum windows last decades longer than wood and vinyl. Consider the impact on the world’s landfills with all the wood and vinyl waste. As well, imagine the wasted energy on redundant manufacturing of short-lived wood and vinyl windows.

Energy Efficient

Our RAM windows are Energy Star® certified and feature a thermally broken frame and sash as well as low-e insulated glass that significantly reduces heat transfer. In addition to improving the overall interior comfort level, our windows enhance the overall energy efficiency of your home or building.

Inert Coatings & Finishes

We offer two types of finishes on our aluminum windows: painted and anodized. Both processes result in environmentally safe products that do not require refinishing. Because RAM windows are factory finished for life, you need only keep them clean.

Avoid VOCs

Volatile organic compounds (VOCs) are chemical compounds that outgas from many materials and can pollute the air in your home. Since RAM’s painted finishes are factory cured at 400 degrees Fahrenheit, these compounds are safely removed, captured and incinerated before entering the atmosphere. Neither wood nor vinyl can provide factory-baked coatings.

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