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Integrity fiberglass windows are made with Ultrex®, a patented pultruded fiberglass built to outperform and outlast vinyl, roll-form aluminum and other fiberglass composites. Integrity uses Ultrex and their proprietary pultrusion process to manufacture high-demand windows that endure all elements without showing age or wear.

Ram Fiberglass Windows

If a homeowner has plans to invest in replacement windows, choosing the right material is essential. Unfortunately, it can be challenging to figure out what material is best because of all the options available.

While this is true, fiberglass windows, like the ones provided by Ram Windows, have been gaining popularity in recent years. Keep reading to learn more about the benefits offered by these windows and why they are something any homeowner should consider.

What Are Fiberglass Windows?

Fiberglass windows are created by manufacturers by running strands of glass fiber through the heated resin. There are several ways the material can be arranged. It can be woven into a fabric, flattened into sheet form, or arranged randomly. It can remain intact even when subjected to constant abuse and extreme temperatures, which is one of the most common reasons it is used in boats, goalie masks, bridges, and even for windows. Now, here are the specific benefits of this type of glass.

Superior Strength

Fiberglass frames are up to eight times stronger than the popular vinyl option. Also, fiberglass frames are thinner but can hold larger glass frames. This means, when they are installed, homeowners can take advantage of the expansive views and natural light the glass provides.

Increased Durability

When fiberglass is used, it means a material that will not rust, corrode, rot, or warp is being used. Fiberglass can also withstand pollution and chemical attacks that may cause degradation of other materials. Also, these materials do not require very much maintenance to keep them looking like new. Put simply, fiberglass windows can take anything that nature throws their way.


Along with durability and strength, fiberglass offers another appealing benefit: security. With this material, intruders will have a hard time getting into the house.

Thermal Performance

Fiberglass windows have a heat conductivity rating that is 800 times under an aluminum window’s heat rating. Also, the material has a very low thermal expansion. This means the frames do not expand and contract as the other common materials do. This is one feature that helps to extend the life of the window while maximizing performance over time. Fiberglass windows are perfectly suited for any type of multi-pane window because they are rigid and stable.

Sound Resistance Benefits

In some situations, noise pollution is concerning, especially for people who live in a busier part of the city. However, when fiberglass windows are installed, they offer soundproofing benefits. This type of window is going to help reduce any unwanted noise and leave a home quieter and more peaceful.


Fiberglass windows are available in many different color and style options. This means it is possible to find windows that go with the existing home and architecture.

When it comes to the installation of new windows, be sure to consider fiberglass. This material offers all the benefits mentioned here and more. Being informed and knowing what to expect from this material are the best ways to ensure the right type and style of windows is installed. Be sure to speak with the professionals for more information. 

RAM Windows was founded in 1978 by Robert A. Miller. We have embraced changes in the window industry and added new product offerings over the years. Through this process, we have been able to provide our customers with the best products available. Let us be the company you call for all your window needs!

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