Awning windows are hinged on the top and open outwards. They are usually placed higher on walls for privacy and air flow. Their unique design allows them to stay open when it's raining.

The Artisan Awning window is designed with a sleek and contemporary aesthetic, and comes in various sizes, making it a versatile window choice in any style of home. They are available in fixed or operable, and custom-made to fit almost any opening, regardless of shape or size. Made with thermally broken, all-aluminum frames, the Artisan Awning comes standard with Low-E ultimate performance dual-pane glass. These units significantly reduce heat transfer, and protect against harmful infrared and ultraviolet light that can damage or discolor your interior. Offering exceptional airflow while also maximizing wall space and maintaining privacy, the Artisan Awning is suitable for any type of residential property.


Weather Resistance

Aluminum windows are resistant to rusting, warping, cracking, and swelling, making them extremely stable in various climates.

Contemporary Design

Intentionally designed with modern aesthetics and functionality in mind.

Dramatically Large Sizes

Available in immensely large sizes, flooding living spaces with natural light, and creating a connection to the outdoors.

Design Flexibility

Available in a wide range of custom sizes, configurations, and grid options, meeting the needs of every architect, builder, and homeowner.

Built To Last

Utilizing durable, thermally broken, all-aluminum frames, our windows provide superior insulation, and long-lasting durability.

Energy Efficiency

Built with thermally broken, all-aluminum frames and Low-E glass, our windows reduce energy consumption, and are valuable in climates with extreme temperatures.

More features

  • • Available in fixed or operable.
  • • All operable units come with cranks.
  • • Comes with two lock mechanisms, available in black, bronze, or satin nickel.
  • • Can be mulled up to 6 units wide and/or with various types of windows. Maximum mulled unit width is 20ft, and maximum mulled unit height is 6ft.
  • • Comes with a precision cut mitered corner with internal gussets and stainless-steel screws.
  • • Double vinyl bulb weather stripping assures tight seal against air and water.
  • • Head flashing comes standard, but can be removed based on customer preference or overhang.
  • • Units can be shipped open frame, frame only, or sash only.
  • • Numerous specialty (radius and polygon) shapes available. Specialty shapes are built as fixed awnings.
  • • Often combined with picture window transoms or sidelights.

Design Options


Our aluminum frames are available in Class I Black/Dark Bronze Anodized, Class II Clear Anodized, AAMA 2604 Black Paint, Dark Bronze Paint, and White Paint. Custom color options also available, including limitless colors as well as upgradable AAMA 2605 options.

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Endless glass options are available with the most popular being Low-E ultimate performance dual-pane glass. 

Choose between Low-E Coated Glass or Insulated Clear Glass. 

Choose between Tempered or Annealed. 

Option of Lamination with optional thickness. 

Option of a tint such as bronze, greylite, solar grey, or customize your own. 

Choose from one of our popular patterns including obscure, rain, reeded, or customize your own.

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Finished with high-quality Truth® hardware. Choose between black, bronze, or satin nickel. Custom hardware options also available.

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Grids are available in SDL (Simulated Divided Lite) bars, GBGs (Grilles between the glass), or both. Choose from one of our popular grid patterns, or customize your own.

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Nail Fins

Available with or without nail fins. 

No nail fin – individual units only. 

Standard 1” Set-Back – individual units only. 

Applied 1” Set-Back – individual and mulled units. 

Applied 1 3/4” Set-Back – individual and mulled units. 

Applied & Removed – individual and mulled units.


All operable units have the option of screens.




Find technical specifications for this product, including drawings, installation instructions, parts manuals, and more.

Technical Specifications

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